KW LandPros Property Management

We provide turnkey management services for crop farm properties, ranch properties, recreational properties, and mineral properties. We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to fit the needs of each unique client and/or property.

Our Professional Land Managers take a fiduciary role in the management of your property, meaning we act solely in the best interest of our clients. We take care of all aspects of the landowner's interests and focus on managing properties by improving productivity, maximizing returns and preserving family legacies. Our Managers have regular visits with the operators and inspections of the properties.

Our goal is to meet the property's needs and align our management services to meet the landowner's goals and objectives. We take our job seriously. We will manage your land and assets with the utmost care while providing sustainability, peace of mind and a fair return on value Let us help ensure your legacy is protected for generations to come.

We utilize strong agricultural leases.

Seek highly competent and proven operators.

Provide 100% of landowner responsibilities, including grain marketing expertise,

USDA farm program expertise & facilitation, and crop insurance expertise.

Focus on maximizing returns while limiting risk.

Manage ranch properties either directly or via strong

husbandry leases.

Seek highly competent and proven cattlemen.

Focus on maximizing returns while limiting risk.

2 types of recreational properties: Owners who wish to enjoy their own recreation on their property and owners of agricultural properties which have recreational features but no desire to enjoy those features.

We work with wildlife biologists and game specialists to enhance wildlife habitats which increases return on investment whether for owner enjoyment or leased to qualified sportsmen. We reserve all the recreational rights in our agricultural leases.

We utilize a very strong recreational lease.

We negotiate leasing opportunities and take advantage of pooling acres.

Local market knowledge is extremely important and

damage negotiations can be tricky for proper landowner


We provide complete administrative services including

complete oil and gas accounting services.